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About SpineCenterNetwork.com

Wouldn’t it be convenient if someone created a listing of spine centers of excellence across the United States that all emphasize non-surgical treatment options before surgery?

Where the staff included board-certified spine specialists who are fellowship-trained in spine — the highest level of training available in the United States? 

Where the spine centers featured a team of non-surgical spine specialists who are board-certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians, working closely with ortho & neuro spine surgeons, and spine-specialized therapists to find NON-surgical treatment options for those with back pain ….

Where the spine centers measure Patient Satisfaction to continually improve clinical outcomes like functional status and reduction in use of drugs ...

Where the physicians and therapists in these spine centers share a philosophical desire to exhaust non-surgical options first, before resorting to spine surgery

Where the physicians and the staff want to create a better experience for the person with back and neck pain, so he or she can get back to activity, their favorite sport, with the least amount of pain, discomfort and time off work…

Is something like that really possible?

Finally, there is a place: SpineCenterNetwork.com.

We believe patients with back and neck pain shouldn’t have to be punished with a safari through trips to multiple offices with biased opinions, misleading information, fragmented care,  conflicting diagnoses and treatment plans. 

We believe there is a better way.

How to use this Spine Center Network

This network can be useful to:

Health insurance plans who want to identify spine centers who conceptually believe in a non-surgically oriented approach to spine care, with the use of Physical Medicine and spine therapy, all under one roof.  This network can be useful to create a referral network for their covered lives with back or neck pain.

Workers Compensation Carriers and Employers who have a vested interest in helping injured workers get back to activity.

Back and neck pain sufferers who are searching the Internet for places to go for relief of symptoms, and are trying to educate themselves as to who to pursue for proper treatment. All of these participating spine centers have content-rich online spine encyclopedias that can be linked to through this site.

Back and neck pain patients from Canada, Mexico and other countries who haven’t found relief from pain and neurological symptoms and want to access the most advanced minimally invasive and motion preservation spine care treatment options through medical tourism to a regional spine center of excellence. 

We hope this site is useful to you!