Spine Center Network Credentialing Criteria

Spine Center Network staffing includes:

  • Board-certified and in many cases fellowship-trained spine surgeons in orthospine or neurospine surgery
  • Board-certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialists often fellowship-trained in spine, or other non-surgical interventional MDs who provide spinal injections that can relieve pain symptoms and neurological deficit without surgery.
  • Internal or affiliated spine specialized therapists with credentials in spine that use the spine center’s Home Remedy Book that features spine exercises and emphasizes non-surgical treatment options for back pain and neck pain.

Spine Center Network credentialed facilities include:

  • Physician exam rooms for physical medicine specialists and spine surgeons to collaborate under one roof for coordination of care and improved communication about a patient’s case.
  • Internal X-ray and access to MRI, CT and other diagnostic capabilities.
  • Internal or affiliated spine therapists emphasizing active therapy with an exercise gym.
  • Internal injection suite or injection procedure suite within an ASC environment for patient convenience.

Spine center philosophy of care:

  • Non-surgical emphasis in advance of spine surgery.
  • Use of minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and instrumentation to reduce the incision, hospital stay, and speed return to activity.
  • Use of the most advanced motion preservation methods including the artificial disc.
  • Use of Ambulatory Surgery Centers where possible to lower hospitalization costs, increase patient convenience, lessen time in the hospital with many patients having surgery and able to return home the same day. 
  • Use of spine-credentialed therapists who emphasize ACTIVITY and EXERCISE instead of passive modalities that feel good but cure nothing. 
  • Willingness to track clinical outcomes, use of drugs, injections and surgery and functional status.
  • Willingness to explore value-based case rate bundled rates for spine care. 
  • Use of the Prizm Home Exercise Book for customized Home Exercise Programs for all patients so they continue on with stretches that prevent recurrences of back or neck pain attacks.
  • Use of an educational Internet site with symptom charts & exercises to make back pain sufferers well-informed healthcare consumers, and less likely to doctor shop for unnecessary procedures and surgeries.