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Denver Spine Surgeons is a group practice composed of the four board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeons, Dr. Gary Ghiselli, Dr. Sanjay Jatana, Dr. David Wong and Dr. Okezie Aguwa (Board-Eligible). The spine specialty center has provided care of back and neck pain patients in the Denver region for more than 15 years.

The four spine surgeons have over 60 combined years performing spine surgery, and only spine surgery. The four spine specialists are referred back pain and neck pain patients from across the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains; Colorado Springs; Summit County, Colorado; as well as from adjacent states of New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas.

Dr. Ghiselli, Dr. Jatana, Dr. Wong and Dr. Aguwa all emphasize non-surgical treatment options in advance of spine surgery through affiliated specialists in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and affiliated spine therapists who use the Denver Spine Home Remedy Book for customized spine exercises that can relieve many back and neck pain symptoms in the home.

Back and neck pain patients can often recover nonsurgically by working with physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) physicians and spine-specialized therapists, who use customized movements and exercises to help make the back stronger, more flexible and resistant to injury. When surgery is necessary, the spine surgeons perform minimally invasive spine surgery so the patient can be home later the same day to recover in the comfort of their own home.

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Dr. Sanjay Jatana, a specialist in neck surgery

As a mature spine center, Denver Spine features a specialist in neck surgery. Dr. Sanjay Jatana is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon who specializes in the cervical spine.

Each year, Dr. Jatana performs a high volume of neck surgery, including artificial disc replacement in the neck, which makes him one of the most proficient specialists in neck surgery in the State of Colorado. Over the years, he has performed about 1,500 neck surgeries and about 150 artificial disc replacements. Unlike other surgeons who typically are trained in one artificial disc implant, Dr. Jatana is trained in the use of virtually all the FDA approved artificial discs for the neck. This enables Dr. Jatana to select the best artificial disc for each patient’s diagnosis and disc herniation.

Motion preservation via artificial disc replacement is essential for a herniated disc in the neck, as the traditional treatment of a neck fusion (Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion - ACDF) can increase the risk of herniation at other adjacent levels in the neck.

Dr. Jatana also provides two ADDITIONAL specialized neck surgeries that preserve the natural motion of the neck vertebrae that do not involve the artificial disc. These two surgeries are not typically provided by other Colorado spine surgeons because they require advanced training and experience, along with proficiency with minimally invasive instrumentation:

• Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy
• Cervical Laminoplasty

There are relatively few spine surgeons in the State of Colorado trained to perform these two neck surgeries. “Both of these surgeries are motion-preserving non-fusion neck surgeries,” explains Dr. Jatana. “These surgeries require specialized expertise in neck surgery because they involve a posterior approach (from the back of the neck), the use of tiny instruments and microsurgery. The benefit of these two surgeries is that they are minimally invasive, non-fusion, and motion preserving approaches that provide a faster return to activity.”

The advantages of a Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy and Cervical Laminoplasty include:

• Less invasive surgery;
• non-fusion;
• retains natural movement of the neck;
• and a faster return to work/activity.

Dr. Sanjay Jatana balances surgical and non-surgical approaches when treating patients with neck pain. He has a close affiliation with select Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation MDs for spinal injections, and spine therapists for non-surgical spine therapy.

Non-fusion option #1: Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy

Unlike many neck surgeries that involve fusion, where two vertebrae are locked together, the Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy procedure avoids fusing the neck vertebrae. This retains the natural movement in the neck. While “motion preservation” is the goal of most surgeries, most spine surgeons are not able to do a Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy because of the experience needed. “Because most spine surgeons divide their time between neck surgery and low back surgery, they don’t gain the proficiency in this particular neck surgery,” explains Dr. Jatana. “Also, this neck surgery requires use of a microscope and the use of small 1mm and 2mm instruments to repair the damaged disc rather than removing all of the disc and replacing it with a fusion and metal instrumentation.”

Consequently, the patient with a herniated disc in the neck will likely be recommended a cervical fusion because most surgeons are not able to perform a Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy.

Non-fusion option #2: Cervical Laminoplasty

Like the Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy, this surgery is also performed through the back of the neck and is intended to retain the natural movement of the neck after surgery. The surgery involves great proficiency and the use of a microscope.

Within a laminoplasty surgery, a small portion of the bony part of the spinal canal (lamina) is removed to enlarge the spinal canal, thereby relieving symptoms of nerve root compression. By enlarging the spinal canal, it can relieve symptoms of radiating pain or weakness or numbness in the arm or hand.

The difference between a laminectomy and a laminoplasty is that more of the lamina is left in place in a laminoplasty procedure. Also in a laminoplasty, the trained neck surgeon leaves more of the normal bone and ligaments intact, and provides a protective layer that lessens scar tissue formation on the dural sac after surgery.

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As a free community service, this Spine Center of Excellence mails out Home Remedy Books on a limited basis to residents in the region. Home remedy books include information about the spine center, instruction on how to use the exercise book, various exercises to help alleviate back and neck pain, and other home remedies.



For those back and neck pain sufferers who have exhausted nonsurgical treatment options, spine surgery may be the next step in resolving a spine problem. Because spine surgery is a serious decision, it is a good idea to obtain a second opinion from a board-certified and fellowship-trained spine surgeon before undergoing surgery.