Carle Foundation Hospital and Carle Clinic Association teamed together in 2004 to create Carle Spine Institute. The new 17,000 sf facility put spine surgeons, physical medicine physicians, a spine specialized therapy gym, spine diagnostics and an injection suite all under one roof. Carle Spine Institute represents the largest spine center in the state of Illinois. Carle Spine Institute acts as a regional center of excellence for the treatment of back and neck problems. Carle Spine Institute receives the most complex cases of back and neck pain from across Central Illinois.

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Improving spine care with a team of complementary specialists

What makes our spine center unique is its emphasis on a nonsurgical approach to back and neck problems. The spine center is directed by specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, also called physiatrists. These physicians have advanced training in back and neck pain and are successful in helping people return to activity—without surgery.

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In January 2008, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) named Carle Spine Institute to its list of spine centers across the nation that provide superior care to their patients suffering from low back pain. The Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP) was designed to improve the quality of care to the 30 million Americans who experience low back pain, and by motivating other physicians to document and improve their delivery of spine care.

Stairway to Success

A true multidisciplinary spine center should emphasize conservative treatment options first like therapy and pain-relieving spinal injections to lessen the need for spine surgery, which should form a downward Stairway to Success as shown in the following chart. This stairway documents that the more you emphasize NON-surgical treatment options, fewer patients will need to resort to surgery for relief of symptoms. Consequently, 85% of patients recovered from pain symptoms without surgery. Patient education is another focus of the spine center as 43% received an educational Home Remedy Book, and 51% received a customized home exercise program to prevent recurrence.


carle spine institute urbana illinois a prizm spine center of excellence for back and neck problems


carle spine institute urbana illinois a prizm spine center of excellence for back and neck problems


As a free community service, this Spine Center of Excellence mails out Home Remedy Books on a limited basis to residents in the region. Home remedy books include information about the spine center, instruction on how to use the exercise book, various exercises to help alleviate back and neck pain, and other home remedies.



For those back and neck pain sufferers who have exhausted nonsurgical treatment options, spine surgery may be the next step in resolving a spine problem. Because spine surgery is a serious decision, it is a good idea to obtain a second opinion from a board-certified and fellowship-trained spine surgeon before undergoing surgery.



The centers featured on Spine Center Network are the ONLY spine centers in the United States that collect and report clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction scores to external physician referral sources, employers, insurance company payors, case managers and consumers. Dating back to 1995, Prizm spine centers were the FIRST spine programs in the nation to produce and DISTRIBUTE Clinical Outcome Report Cards to external audiences. However, that is changing rapidly. With the proliferation of spine centers in the United States, and physicians and hospitals chasing after the lucrative spine patient, the race is on to publish outcomes for strategic advantage.

Prizm awards a Crystal Apple, entitled the Marcus Welby Award, for the doc who scores the highest for the three categories: time spent with the patient, medical explanation and genuine concern.